Web Relics – Space Jam 1996

  • Space Jam Website 1996
    Tables, Tables everywhere!


The Nintendo 64, The Spice Girls, Jarvis Cocker mooning Michael Jackson and England getting to the semi-finals of the Euros. All things that would have been harder to look up the date of back in the Googleless, AOL powered days of 1996.

As only 36 million people in the world had an internet in 1996, usability probably wasn’t quite the issue as it is today with 3.58 billion users. I doubt much of Space Jam’s $250 million worldwide gross can be accredited to their website.

It did cross my mind to do a full audit on the Space Jam site just for fun or maybe even a redesign but as out dated and weird as it looks to us now I don’t think I could make it more interesting. It would be sacrilege to change it. Like letting Drake do a Jimi Hendrix cover. *shudders*.

Take a look (Surprisingly it’s not optimised for mobile. Can’t think why!)

*Edit* There is also a microsite for the DVD release that utilises a super new technology that they call ‘Flash’. Check that out too.



After a record year of working ridiculously hard and taking no time off whatsoever (the joys of being self-employed). Finally we had some time off in the first 2 weeks of January 2018 to take our long awaited trip to Tokyo.

The takeaways from the trip are that Tokyo is unbelievably big and impossibly and consistently tall. Think Times Square but everywhere.

Most of our time was taken up with walking, eating, more walking, shopping for vintage toys and monster toys, a little more walking and generally just seeing the sights and taking photos of this incredible city.